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  • Trends analysis
  • Company selection


  • Define business categories for client search.


  • New York, 2017 – 2019, all but government organizations


  • We have found business categories that are interesting for us

We also need orders, and we use our service to find customers. We find the categories of business in which there is a rise or fall. We divide categories into 2 groups: “everything is good” and “everything is bad”. For our work we choose those categories in which there are more companies that have problems.


  • Find clients


  • New York, 2017 – 2019, all but government organizations


  • We have found clients

Who are our customers? Those who are doing well and they want more, those who are not doing very well and their situation doesn’t change. Most of all, we are interested in those who are doing badly, we will try to help them in the first place. We analyze their advertising campaigns, contact them and offer our help.


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Many companies provide geo-targeting services, city analytics, etc., but how accurate is their data and what criteria do they use to make analytics? The representativeness of this data is very important. If the data itself is not sufficient and they have few markers, this will lead to a considerable distortion of the analytics.

Our team works on geodata; each of us has been working on it for a long time. We use machine learning, neural network and data analytics. All this allows us to make our analytics as precise as possible and give our clients accurate forecasts so that they achieve their goals and get the result they need.

We use data from many open sources. With a minimum error, our algorithms determine the audience of specific places and their interests. The data is so accurate that it can be compared with personally talking to each person on the street.


I have a flower shop, I have been in this business for 3 years and only recently I have found out who my clients are. We changed the product range and focused on teens, and now we have more sales. We want to open a new store, and again we turned to the guys from urbandta. And I am also thinking to try myself in another business. NY is a city with great potential.

Michel, Flower Shop

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What data do you use for work?

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We use data obtained from a variety of sources. Mainly, these are cartographic services, as well as data provided by our partners.

How accurate is your data and why can I trust it?

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Like with any data, ours may also have some error. We have focused on specific cities to significantly improve accuracy by collecting as much data as possible. Maps are used by millions of people a day, and that is the data that we use.

What cities do you work in?

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At the moment, we are working in New York and London, Hong Kong, and we are planning to start working in several other cities in the United States.

How do you know the information about my clients?

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We don’t know anything about any particular client; all information is impersonal. Read more about what data we use in the answer to the question “What data do you use for work?”.

How fast do you work?

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Usually, it takes us a few business days to do the work, since we consult with a client before starting work and after we pass the data. The data from our system comes within a few seconds of creating the task.

How can I pay?

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We accept payment via PayPal and directly to the bank account. We can consider other payment options if they are convenient for us.
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